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Eezyfile offers you a unique and innovative alternative to filing by PDF and replaces the cumbersome and random image storage on your phone

Eezyfile allows you to use your phone camera to capture, file and tag/categorize your images and have them instantly searchable when you need them.

You can easily find your files by using the simple tag and search system. Store and file all your important information such as Warranties, Legal Contracts, Passports, Pets vaccinations, Family memories, Business or Tax documents etc. The list is endless.
For each file you create, you can set an expiry date with a reminder. These will seamlessly display on any of your devices calendar apps.

The Filing App that simplifies your life, for both your Personal or Professional needs

Store and find your files in a seamless easy way.

Totally Free. No Adverts. No Limits.

Optionally back up and synchronize your files with Safesync for less than two dollars a month.

Get Organized

Eezyfile is available for iOS and Android phones